WebDisclosure updates press releases dynamically on your website or on your computer desktop.

Whoever you are : webmaster or user of an information agregator program, WebDisclosure places at your disposal a web address that enables you to access the latest press releases from issuers to the RSS 2.0 format (RDF Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication).

Some programs make it possible de receive in real time the headlines of the last news published on a selection of websites (for example RssReader for Windows or NetNewsWire for Mac OS X ).

You can now add the contents of WebDisclosure to your information channels by using the following address :

A. The last 10 press releases published :


B. The last 10 press releases published according to the criteria you have selected in your alerts * :


Once the Reader is installed, every update will be notified like when you receive a message on MSN Messenger or Yahoo!Messenger. Easy to use and powerful.

Experienced webmasters will not omit to use this address also to get the last headlines of WebDisclosure for their website.

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